The JCR Issues New Rules On Japan’s Casino Regulatory Commission

Cube, Gambling, Instantaneous Speed, PayJapan’s Casino Regulatory Commission published on Friday its proposal for a casino rule, detailing what the first casino operations are going to be. Singapore gambling The draught regulations shall be published more than four years after the IR Development Act was originally passed in December 2016, and six months after the NGO receives applications for an IR licence from the sites and its operator partners.

Before the rules are concluded, they will be available for public comment first – more precisely the draught “Casino Administration Board compliance regulations relating to the Act on the Promotion of Development of Specified Complex Tourist Facility Areas. Feedback period: Friday, 2 April 2021 and provides comment on many of the main regulations concerning the integrated growth of Japanese resorts. Public comment topics span three main areas:

  • The rules regulating the transactions of casinos, credit, deposits and currency.
  • How IT is used to regulate and operate casinos.
  • The licencing process for designers and vendors of casino machines.

The draught regulations also show nine games and 21 versions, as stated in Inside Asian Gaming this week, that will be permitted in Japanese casino floors.  Casino Online LVKING They include baccarat, blackjacks (4 types), poker, roulette, Sic Bo, craps, Casino War, currency wheel and pai gow. There is also approval for electronic games.


Along with its local partners, ORIX, they all resigned almost immediately after Yokohama announced its IR candidacy, after the initial competition inOsaka, including Las Vegas Sands, the Galaxy Entertainment Group, Wynn Resorts, Melco Resorts & Entertainment, Genting Singapore and Caesars Entertainment.

Bill Hornbuckle, President and CEO of MGM, regularly reaffirmed its dedication toOsaka in February, when the company received its RFP documents as soon as the final call came out. Due to the effect of COVID-19, delays were anticipated, but MGM could at least be slightly abhorred by the decision of Osaka.

The process

Yet other job hypotheses are still at stake. One is the possible denial of claims that MGM is a completed contract by Osaka’s decision to open the gate for new applicants. A more pessimistic theory suggests that Osaka wishes to develop a strategic dialogue to fix problems that both MGM and ORIX have currently taken second place. Or maybe prepared for a hard deal with Osaka. Over the years, the Japan IR process has taken a number of moves.


Diary, Ace, Card, Cards, Casino, GameHowever, it is not good enough to conclude RFP submissions in Japan’s second most famous city for the second time, and only one candidate is still on board.

An innocent interpretation of the situation would suggest that Osaka had to stretch its RFP application time as it had reason to foresee a renewed focus on operators. But who could possibly exist in reality? Given that Osaka has given a limited period of time and that the national government is going to begin accepting applications from applicant sites and from its selected partners by October, it clearly doesn’t provide much time for brand new operators to participate.

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